Real Estate, iPods, & High Fives (School Life)

After a week's worth of seriousness, articles about the lighter side of education are are a good reminder that it's not all about illiterate kids and dysfunctional bureaucracies:

We've all hear or read about how important school report card information is to people buying and selling their homes, but has anyone else noticed the Century 21 Real Estate ad that's been running on network TV these days in which a pregnant woman trying to find out if the neighborhood schools are any good before she buys a home interrogates a busful of children on their way to school about class sizes, school budgets, and the like. They all look at her blankly - they're little kids, after all -- and the bus roars off.

The free blurb from this adweek story says that the ads are about how desperate people get: Century 21 Effort Gets Real (Estate).

It is delicious that the ad brings mainstream attention to parents' ongoing desire for more information about their children's schools. It's wonderful that the ad sends its message with some humor. And it's interesting -- though perhaps not significant -- that she doesn't ask them whether the teachers are nice, or let them play all day. She asks about nuts and bolts.

Almost as good: A review of a new TV show called Life on a Stick (Hollywood Reporter ) includes the following line: "Put another way, the "No Child Left Behind" folks might have made an exception for Fred."

Banned: iPods and High Fives:

Next, one school does what others should: IPods banned in Sydney school (Engadget). They're addictive, completely antisocial, and never-ending in a way that a Walkman ever was. Not all banning is good, however: Ban on post-match high fives (SF Gate).

So far, it's only colleges that seem to be having to deal with full-on wireless Internet access in class: Wireless in the classroom (via Instapundit). But it won't be long before it's an issue in K12 classrooms (as infrared gaming and text messaging already are).

Best of the Rest:

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