Great Schools Getting Greater? (Urban Education)

The Council of Great City Schools report came out this week, saying -- as it almost always does -- that urban school systems are doing pretty well, all things considering:

Students' Math , Reading Gains Hailed in Report Phila Inquirer
Beating the Odds CGCS

Charters Everywhere:

Charters don’t outscore other schools Phila Inquirer
Assessing the KIPP Schools -- a New Perspective Washington Post
Charter Schools Alter Map of Public Education in Dayton NYT
The Real Reason for Ohio's Charter School Cap EIA
Charter schools face new criticism Los Angeles Daily News
'Alternative' Label Popular with Charters" Dallas Morning News
Del. Charter Schools Get Solid Report Card EW

Dropouts, Everywhere:

Schools' Dropout Remedy: Get Small LAT
'Dropouts' come back in LAUSD Los Angeles Daily News
Scandal Surrounds Houston's Dropout Rate (part 2) NPR

Best of the Rest:

Detroit schools CEO says he will step down Detroit Free Press
Bullying among sixth graders a daily occurrence Medical News
Fewer kids find smoking appealing, survey says Seattle Times
Incredible journey La Vida Robot (Wired) via JJ
Unions' Own Survey Shows Professionals Don't Want Them EIA
John Fullinwider: The School Uniform Myth Dallas MN
Transferred county students get school system Business Gazette
Grades may go at school Flint Journal


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