Cell Phones for All, Forged Report Cards, the Perfect Egg Drop, and More (School Life)

Best of the Week:

Devising the perfect egg drop Times Dispatch
Hola espanol. Au revoir francais. Cleve. Plain Dealer

Gadgets and gizmos:

Cellphones for all JoanneJacobs.com
Doctoring the Report Card? Studying Is Easier NYT
Teachers fight high-tech cheaters Boston Globe
Microsoft showcases robots to watch kids Boston Globe
Sound system lets kids listen Indy Star Tribune
Schools Experimenting With Tracking Technologies EW
Online Retailers Pursue Teenagers NYT
Place mats are latest tool in teaching basics Star Tribune
Germany's new motto: Let's get interactive CSM
Online Education Flunks E-Commerce Times
Diary of a college freshman: now accessible online CSM

Nicotine, Xanax, Science, and Gin:

Quitting smoking now could help Seattle PI
Antidepressant labels start this month USAT
Mayor endorses gin to fourth graders Las Vegas Sun
Bush’s science policy The Onion via Teach and Learn
Drinking Tests Becoming Part of School Day NYT

Best of the Rest:

Valenti cautions parents on PG-13 film Pitt. Tribune-Review
Why bringing up baby is a £52,000 job for parents Times Online
Teachers Refuse to Give Homework SF Gate
Program helps fathers, students bond at school SD Union Tribune
Schools struggle to make up days lost to storms Boston Globe
Bullying: Four small steps to stop a big problem Chicago Tribune
Ringgold seniors strike back Washington Observer Reporter


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