Utah Makes Feds Blink (NCLB News)

There must be some trick to getting the Feds to blink on NCLB:

Feds yield to Utah educators Salt Lake Tribune
Rebellion in Utah The Gadfly
Utah House OKs Bill to Trump NCLB Law The Washington Times
House passes measures to rein in 'No Child' law Salt Lake Tribune
Utah set to reject No Child Left Behind Washington Times
Utah lawmaker leads a new wave of opposition ... Houston Chronicle

Having a statutory fix poised to pass must help, as does having a conflict that's largely focused on HQT issues rather than AYP. Because, just a little further west, California is still squirming over the possibility of adding 300 more districts to its “in need of improvement” list:

US raises bar for state's schools Sacramento Bee
Let's Try 'No State Left Behind' Los Angeles Times
Feds, state struggle over schools law conformity Contra Costa Times

Apparently there are also problems with CA still having scads of unqualified aides and allowing too many out of level tests for mildly disabled students.

It's also worth noting that many other states won concessions and adjustments to their state plans during earlier rounds of negotiating with the USDE.

Out in the real world, there are a couple of good articles on how schools can meet AYP:

Six ways to make AYP Scholastic Administrator via PEN
Searching for Strategies to Make AYP Education World

Meanwhile, states and districts are increasingly having to deal with school turnaround efforts required under NCLB, which include closures, charter conversions, and the like:

Privatization of low-performing schools is put on hold
Houston Chronicle
Private takeover step closer for F schools Miami Herald
DPS considers closures Denver Post
Lessons From Cole Middle School Piton Foundation (PDF)


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