Rod Paige's Lesbian Daughter's Iraqi-Made Flu Shot (Campaign 2004)

It is no easy feat these days to figure out a conceivable situation in which education becomes a viable campaign issue. I mean, NCLB being the top education issue in the campaign -- 'No Child Left Behind' top education issue (Associated Press) -- is like Social Security being the top senior issue. So what? Nobody's talking about either. Education is lost in election's shuffle of issues (Kansas City Star), Education Seeps Into Presidential Debates (Education Week).

In addition, as I've said before, I'm not so sure education being a top campaign issue would necessarily be such a good thing. Imagine one version of what it could look like:

Bush on NCLB: It was the right thing to do. NCLB was clearly connected to the growing number of uninsured Americans in our country, and if we weren't implementing NCLB so ferociously the uninsurance rate would certain have gone even higher. Oh, yeah, and NCLB is a jobs program.

Kerry: Being stubborn is not the same as being right. The White House is out of touch on education issues. But I'm not against NCLB or the teachers and administrators who served honorably implementing it. Remember, I voted for it. Let's consult other countries and see what they think we should do about our education system.

Then the Kerry campaign runs the opening minutes from Farenheit 911 where George W. listens to a scripted reading lesson while the Twin Towers burn.

In a rapid-response response, the Bush campaign runs an ad in which Bush stands in front of a school wearing graduation a cap and gown with a sign behind him: "Mission Accomplished."

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What the Bush/Cheney campaign should have done is made a commercial comparing Phiilip Academy in Andoser (where the Kerry daughters attended school) to some inner city school like East Saint Louis or Anacostia High in Washington, DC. The Democrats are vulnerable on education because none of their children actually attend a school where the NEA has any say in the matter.

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