NCLB Now a "Jobs" Program (NCLB News):

Who knew? The No Child Left Behind Act has been called many things over the past three years, but not until Wednesday night had anyone but President Bush thought to say that it was “really a jobs act when you think about it.” (Debate.org). A jobs program for psychometricians and progressive complaints, maybe. But it was Kerry who got the facts wrong on Pell grants and after-school funding, says Factcheck.org (New And Recycled Distortions At Final Presidential Debate). Meanwhile, the study that reportedly justified the President's never-implemented after-school cuts (to pay for the $89 billion in tax breaks for the rich instead?) has a follow-up that also calls after school programs to question. Study Rekindles Debate on Value of After-School Programs (Education Week). See below for more NCLB News.


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