Links to the Week's Best

Campaign 2004:
Bush and Kerry Both Wrong on Education eTakingHead
Presidential candidates support high standards, accountability in schools Education Week
No candidate left behind USA Today
Study of Bush and Civil Rights Draws Fire NYT
Kerry backs tougher laws on education San Francisco Chronicle
An education agenda for the next President School Administrator

NCLB News:
How to Rescue Education Reform New York Times
An answer to standardized tests USA Today
States' Roles Prove Tough on Big Scale Education Week
Excellence in Failure or Education for All? AlterNet
'No Child Left Behind' law's substantial problems Portland Press Herald
Every child left behind? INTHEFRAY Magazine
The Limits of Money American Enterprise Institute
Preliminary No Child Left Behind results trip up some state ...Louisville Courier Journal
Double Dose of Bad News for Schools in California SF Chronicle
1,200 Schools in State Could Face Federal Penalties LA Times
Thousands of California schools could face federal sanctions San Jose Mercury News
Fewer City Students Seek Transfers to Better Schools NYT
City Nixes Transfers for Kids Stuck in Failing Schools New York Post
Transfer trouble: 31,053 eligible but few can go Louisville Courier Journal
9 students swap schools under NCLB Pioneer Press Online
Bush school choice policy shelved in Marlin Waco Tribune-Herald
Supe says NCLB dooms schools NapaNet Daily News

Urban Schools:
Minnesota seeks to further empower principals Minnesota Public Radio
State board lifts limit on charter schools Baltimore Sun
Charters to get millions back Los Angeles Daily News
San Francisco supe's future linked to upcoming board elections San Francisco Chronicle
Seattle Superintendent Gets Three-year Extension Seattle Times
New Orleans Schools Chief Will Fire Janitorial Firm The Times-Picayune
'Bad Fit' Cause for Exit of DeKalb Cty Supt Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Chicago Illinois:
Military academy opposed at Senn Chicago Tribune
Get the military out of our schools Socialist Worker
Record number of teachers apply for public school jobs

New and Notable:
The new education philanthropy (The Gadfly)
Re-tooling K-12 giving (Philanthropy)
Public Schools Get Savvy about Fundraising St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Minnesota Governor Unveils School Improvement Plan Minneapolis Star Tribune
Rural Schools Turn to E-learning US News & World Report
Charter-school contributions climb
What about schools? Cleveland Plain Dealer
Team Teaching in Education Week
Meeting the Highly Qualified Teacher Challenge
Too Many Cooks Running Our Schools Educationnews.org
Panel Supports Easing Washington State's Assessment Test Seattle Times
New Hampshire to use tougher exam Boston Globe

School Life:
Blueberry burgers? USDA looks for lighter lunches Chicago Sun Times
'Hamlet' too hard? Try a comic book Christian Science Monitor
When you find your child with the wrong teacher San Jose Mercury News
Defibrillators placed in all Coffee schools Tullahoma.net
Now, for tonight's assignment. . . . The Atlantic
Honors Colleges Raise Concerns Over Priorities of Public Education CNN.com
LA's famed Ambassador Hotel will be reconstructed into schools USA Today
Assurances aside, some feel a draft Christian Science Monitor


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