August 6 2004 Edition

Campaign 2004
Kerry Softens Rhetoric On 'No Child' Law
Who's the Education President?
Daschle, Thune split on No Child Left Behind
A debate not left behind
$500 billion spent on education
Pols get earful from educators on No Child Left Behind law
There's no doubt No Child law works
Living 'No Child Left Behind'
NEA President Goes Beyond Party Line in 'No Child' Critique

Scores & School Ratings (NCLB)
50 Failing Schools Pass Federal Test
Rating changes may help Del. schools
Making the grade under No Child Left Behind is an all-or-nothing ...
75 percent of Kentucky schools meet No Child Left Behind Law goals
AYP has value, but not in comparing states' progress
What the Machine Reads
Alaska Agrees To Let Disabled Have Help on a School Exam

Tutoring and Transfers (NCLB)

Despite 'No Child' Law, Few Transfer Slots in D.C. Schools
Transportation Issues with No Child Left Behind
LAUSD moves to promote its tutor program
City schools to give tutoring 2nd wind
Tutoring Money May Be Lacking
'No Child' No Help At Many Schools

Funny Business (NCLB)
Teacher standards ease amid reforms
Illinois Teacher Certification Games

Michigan's 32 teacher college grads not as perfect as schools report
No Georgia Schools Deemed 'Persistently Dangerous'
SE states struggle with teacher quality rules

Urban Reform
Seven Myths About Diverse Schools
Less Is Expected of Poor Students
Genghis Klein
Cloning A. Charter School From Connecticut
Michele Cahill on the City's Education Policy Strategies
Education Plan Draws Fire
No More Social Promotion? Studying Instead of Criticizing
Virtual District Real Improvement: A retrospective evaluation of the Chancellor's District, 1996-2003

Chicago Illinois
My Own Private School District
The Duncan Way
Plan for Mid-South schools draws support, ire from community groups
Chicago sees wide-ranging improvement in test scores
Daley: School Scores Improving 'Incrementally'
Latino children post solid gains on Illinois state tests
City's schools get gold star; 74% improve
Grade School Math, Reading, Writing Leaps
Preliminary Math and Science ISAT Analysis
3 Schools To Offer Prestigious Programs
City To Add 5 Magnet Schools
Lawmakers put the brakes on governor's education agenda
Schools to rally neighborhoods for high-attendance opening day
Mandatory School Attendance Hiked to 17 To Curb Dropouts
Illinois Eases Some Teaching Requirements
State Workers, Teachers' Pensions Are $122 Million Short
20 Chicago Principals 'Taken To Woodshed'
School Board Dumps Chicago's 'Worst' Principal
Principals face stricter standards
School Counting Up Successes
Namaste: In a class of their own
A century later, debate over role of teachers goes on

New & Notable
Teachers Sue Test Firm, Claim It Has Monopoly
Public Schools Seek Private Partners
California's largest charter school votes to close two schools
Breaking the Silence
The rap on reading: TV, Internet aren't only culprits
When Computers Go to School
The Risk of Reading
American Indians Expand College Hopes
New Law Limits Kindergartners This Fall
Quick Trip To A New Career
The Kids Are All Right
Shortcut to Tragedy
1.1 Million Students Are Home-Schooled

School Life
New SAT Is So Old School
NCAA Outlaws Private Planes, Strippers For Recruiting
Can you be a techie if you can't type?
The Best Question Comes From A Third-Grader
Public School Signs Say Blah, Blah, Blah
Held back to get ahead
'Senioritis' Can Be Lethal To Students


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