Great Links - October 22 Edition

Parents, Grading, Math and Science (New and Notable):
Number of Single-Sex Schools Growing Education Week
Mexico's answer to tight school budgets: teaching by TV Christian Science Monitor
A prize-winning author tackles science Christian Science Monitor
Reading, Writing and Corporate Sponsorships New York Times
What About Parental Involvement in Parenting? Education Week
Not all parents are fools The Gadfly
The Class Multiplies, but the Math Divides New York Times
Virginia finds exit exams have little impact on graduation, dropout rates Washington Post
Noble prizes shine on California schools CNN.com
Tenn. Considers Use of Uniform School Grading

Writing Tests, Obesity, City College (Chicago):
Chicago Group Tackles Childhood Obesity NYT
30 on ACT? Let's see if you can write Chicago Sun-Times
Writing on deadline for college exams 'freaking people out' Chicago Sun-Times
Dads spend a day with the kids -- at school Chicago Sun-Times
Expelled student going back to class Chicago Tribune
Get the Military Out of Our Schools Dissident Voice
Schools widen hiring process Chicago Tribune
Students join profs on picket line Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago City College professors strike Washington Times
Chicago Public Schools: Types and Autonomies BPI (PDF)

Hopscotch, Low-Rise Jeans, and College Rankings (School Life):
Teachers relearning how to play hopscotch National Post
Summary: Flu Schools Tips Seattle Post Intelligencer
France expels more students over hijab Al-Jazeera
Italian school asks students to ditch the low-rise jeans Chicago Sun-Times
It's College Application Season CaliforniaAuthors.com
Just What Colleges Want: Rapier-Sharp Wits NYT
Amid Policy Confusion, Senior Is Allowed to Apply to Harvard NYT
Economists develop new way to rank colleges CNN.com
City Students Found Less Likely to Indulge in Risky Behaviors


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