August 13 2004 Edition

Picks of the Week:
School's In, but 'No Child' Report Isn't (Houston Chronicle). Not every state is behind schedule getting state test results back, but lots are -- again.
Education Stocks Offer A Lesson In Unfairness (Washington Post). It's always good to be reminded that it's an unfair and arbitrary world even for the "bad" guys.
Algebra's for Everyone Now (USA Today). There's even a sample word problem if you want to torture (or reassure) yourself.
School-Based Coaching:Â Revolution or Fad? (Harvard Education Letter). A timely and critical look at everyone's favorite new professional development strategy, if I do say so myself.

Election 2004: Between terrorism fears, hurricanes, the Olympics, and a gay governor, education issues once again didn't stand much of a chance this week. Nonetheless, there are a few clips worth reading:
House parties set to focus on education (AP), Who's the education president? (CNN.com), Kerry Aiming For the Center (Education Week), Education Group's Ads Assail Bush (Miami Herald), Bush has No Child Left Behind; Kerry has a focus on teachers (Fort Wayne News Sentinel), Election Issue of Education Is Promoted (NYT).

Test Results and Transfers: More than enough good and bad news for both sides to chew on as the school year fast approaches: Student Transfers: 7,000 Can, 6 Do (St. Petersburg Times), 81 percent of state schools pass No Child Left Behind measures (Tennessee Commercial Appeal), No Child Left Behind Scores Show Gaps (Argus Leader), District 29 7th Graders Will Have Fewer Choices Than They Hoped (Queens Chronicle), More than 200 Schools Statewide on Troubled List (Oregonian), City schools fail U.S. tests (Cincinnati Inquirer), No JoCo schools on 2004 'needs improvement' list, More Schools To Face State Censure (New Orleans Times-Picayune), No Child Left Behind Details for Memphis City Schools, More than 200 schools statewide on troubled list, Federal law uses labels to inspire improvement, (Oregonian), 371 schools in Oregon fail federal standard (Salem Statesman), Thirteen schools join warning list, 13 removed, 354 look to switch schools in Fayette (Lexington Herald-Leader), Norfolk allows No Child Left Behind transfers from 2 elementaries (Virginian Pilot), Schools make federal mark (Gallatin News Express), No Child Left Behind changes educational climate (Stamford Advocate), No Child Left Behind results come down today (Jacksonville TN Sun), No mass exodus from Riverheads Elementary (August Free Press), State Delaying Schools Report (Connecticut Now).

What Next for NCLB? In the meantime, lawmakers and reformers debate what, if anything, should happen to NCLB after the election.
Critics Float 'No Child' Revisions (Education Week), A debate not left behind (Minneapolis Star Tribune), Dodd Proposes Education Reform (The Hartford (Conn.) Courant), No Child Left Behind scores are irrelevant (Lexington Herald), Congressman: No Child Left Behind is working Ohio Republican says... (Chicago Daily Herald), 'No Child Left Behind' a positive tool for Oregon schools, (Oregonian, OR), 'No Child' No Help At Many Schools (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

New & Notable:
Lofty education standards require stable state funding (Seattle Times)
N.C. High Court Rules State Must Spend More on Schools (EdWeek)
Mid-level staff: the forgotten link (Cross-City Campaign for Urban Schools)
To Stem Dropouts, Urban Districts Switch Strategies (Education Week)
Standardized tests show no benefit to laptops (Washington Post)
Plan would let principals pick staff (Phila. Inquirer)
Researchers Question Clearinghouse Choices (EdWeek)
Teacher Certification Will Face its Own Test (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

School Financing Overhaul Sought

Teachers Union Election Upheld
Stewart Declared Head Of CTU
$40 Million School Property Tax Hike Is OK With Daley
Chicago schools budget includes 2.4 percent property tax hike
Area mayors push for school funding reform
Tribune chided by Daley on request
7th Middle School Is Backed
District In Talks For School Site

School Life:
Crucial Unpaid Internships Increasingly Separate The Haves From The Have-Nots (NYT)
Bush Backs Ending Admission Preferences for Children of Alumni (NYT)


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