Rotherham Vs. Petrilli

Over at Eduwonk, Andy Rotherham (left) seems to be taking an undue amount of pleasure in the current struggles of Fordham's Mike Petrilli to push national testing (and weighted student funding, I'd add) while simultaneously defending Reading First from being eviscerated (Petrilli's Two-Front Testing War).

Now, I know and have worked on projects for both of these guys, and I'm all for taking perverse pleasure in others' difficulties (especially for the high and mighty). But Petrilli (right) isn't puffing himself up here. He's putting himself on the line. With three years at the USDE, he's got more credibility than most. And the organization he works for -- love it or hate it -- is pushing strong, clear ideas on the K12 front and actually working to implement them. Not everyone can say those things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly what "clear ideas" are Petrilli and his boys at Fordham, pushing? You mean their defense of Chris Doherty's Reading First corruption? Is doling out $5 billion in our tax money to the good ol boys network really a "clear idea"?

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