NCLB's Impact on Special Education (& Vice Versa) vs. The Chronic of Narnia SNL Spoof: The Cupcakes Win

Only in a very, very slow education news week could a rather predictable Washington Post opinion piece about how NCLB hurts gifted education generate responses from The Washington Monthly's Paul Glastris and a series of blogosphere rebuttals and add-ons.

What to do -- slog through it all, or find something, er, else to do -- like watch a funny video?


Maybe I'm missing the point (or just too lazy to read every last word), but my take is that stories about the negative impact of NCLB on _____ (fill in the blank) are usually just stalking horses for the anti-NCLB crowd.

To be sure, NCLB and all of its forefathers haven't been focused on gifted kids. Theoretically, such concerns from the top could damage support for the law.

But thus far, at least, they seem to be pretty ineffective -- in large part because NCLB hasn't done any damage so great or apparent that the public has risen up against the law. Wake me up when it does.

Thankfully, Slate summarizes the back-and-forth here so you can keep thinking about what you're going to do/wear for New Year's, or -- better yet -- watch the Beastie Boys-style Chronic of Narnia cupcake video from Saturday Night Live instead (may be NSFW).

UPDATE: Students With Disabilities Improve Test PerformanceEdWeek


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