Pay Innovations, Unionized Charters, Student Attitudes, Reading and Boys (Teaching and Leading)

West Sac 'combat pay' fight Sacramento Bee via Gadfly
Va. to Provide Bonuses for Middle-Grades Math Teachers EW
Teacher bill revises 'last hired, first fired' MinnStarTrib
Sleeping With the Enemy EW Commentary

Schools ranked on teacher quality SA Express-News via EdNews
1,400 teachers lacking licenses Washington Times
Staying Close to the Teacher
Panel Urges New Testing for Teachers EW

How teacher preparation differs The Finance Project
Road to teaching paved with trials, triumphs Houston Chronicle

Right, Wrong ... What's the Dif? LAT via EdNews
Only 8, but Already Deemed Average WPost

More charter teachers look toward unionizing PhilInq

Evidence Lacking in Charter School Unionization "Trend." EIA
Board to look at requiring KIPP teachers to pay union BaltSun via EIA

"Teaching to the test" Instructivist
How to get boys to read
Christian Science Monitor
Get a guy to read? Try making it gross Cincy Enq via EIA
Strength in Numbers (U.S. News & World Report)
Odds Stacked Against Pleasure Reading WPost

Principal Puts Va. School on Upswing WPost
Leadership Training Seen to Fall Short EW

College Board to change AP courses CNN
When Teachers Go Wild: Fed Up In Lousiana The Wonks
Mike Schmoker Hits Hard Teach and Learn

The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations

Custodians playing bigger role in schools, education Florence Morning News


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