A Tempest In Andy's Teapot

Given how many times I've rained on Andy's parade, it's no wonder that he'd be eager to try and return the favor. Given my math skills, laziness, and general ineptitude, it's not that hard to do. But that's not really the most revealing issue...


For example, I wonder how the EdWeek reporter who complained to Andy (I'm guessing it wasn't much more than one) feels about being used like that -- and how the rest of the newsroom feels about having someone's gripes aired in public.

I'm not even really sure the concern has an substantive merit. EdWeek already has two or three other blogs up, all written in-house, so it's not like I'm going to be their only blogger (or that they might not add a jillion more).

Most of all, we should all keep in mind during these next few weeks how insecure the EdWeek announcement must be making Andy. He knows that his readership is going to be eclipsed almost immediately. This in turn could seriously endanger his chances of becoming Secretary. So we should all try and be nice to him if we can. And we will. If he only lets us.


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