Morning Round-up December 28, 2006

Project is getting students hooked on engineering early JS Online
Milwaukee is having growth in the program at the middle-school level, as the sixth- through eighth-grade Gateway to Technology curriculum prepares more children for high school studies in principles of engineering and robotic design.

Reformers cite middle school needs
After having focused for years on elementary and high school reforms, L.A. Unified leaders say they are turning their attention to middle schools in hopes of better preparing students for high school and thus stemming the district's alarming dropout rate.

No Tests? College's Students Must Relearn How to Learn
For freshmen such as Elizabeth Fleming who are whipsawed from pressure-cooker, high-achieving high schools to colleges that take a longer-term, more philosophical view of learning, the first semester is an education in itself.

Schools bank on parents' ability to raise cash
Seattle Times
In addition to her usual school budget this year, Bryant Elementary School principal Linda Robinson will have nearly $200,000 to spend on student field trips, library materials, instrumental music and artists-in-residence.

School partnerships need a push Boston Globe
A plan by five major research universities to adopt 10 public schools in Boston is creaking along, despite school department hopes that the partnerships would be underway in the new year. If college officials are going to make a significant contribution to the city's schools, they must first adopt an urban sense of urgency.

Immigrant Children Shielded From State Tests, but for Whose Protection?
The district’s policy, which state law allows, has been to spare children from immigrant families from taking the test if they have been in the school system less than five years.


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