How About A "Surge" In Education Funding?

All this crazy talk about a surge of military forces in Iraq -- plus the Ed Trust school finance report (Funding Gaps 2006 -- must be making education advocates mutter under their breath that if anything deserves a surge it's federal funding for low-income schools.

UPDATE: Kevin Carey at TQATE points out the presence of inequities in federal funding as well as state and local funding but leaves out the long sad story of trying to get Title I formula changes past Ted Kennedy, Tom Harkin, and Chris Dodd, among others.

UPDATE 2: What about funds for the "effort" part of Title I, a couple of readers have asked -- wasn't this supposed to ensure that Title I wasn't overly based on state PPE? I seem to recall its use early on in NCLB but I'm guessing that went away fairly quickly.


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