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It's a slow day on the Internets, news- and other-wise:

Winds Of Change
Eduwonk Andy wants us all to know about (and go to) a NCTQ event release lots of new information about collective bargaining agreements in early January.

Hoodwinked AFT Blog
Newbie blogger AFT Joan (hi, Joan!) says that things aren't as they seem in Mass. when it comes to the proposed expansion of pilot schools for restrucuting purposes.

Time Names POY, Bloggers Not Tickled CJR Daily
In an apparent attempt to elicit witty puns and sarcastic punditry from bloggers, Time magazine has announced that its much-anticipated Person of the Year is "You." [meaning bloggers, wikipedians, and open source folks] Oddly, bloggers don't seem as tickled by the honor as we might have expected.

A 'dead body in the schoolyard': The irrelevance of NCLB "
... What dead body? The one an Oakland, CA, elementary student found in her schoolyard a couple of months ago. That's part of the reality of urban education that Oakland resident Heather Gehlert writes about before urging readers to sign the petition urging Congress not to reauthorize No Child Left Behind."


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