Slate Hates Boys

I'm guessing that Slate.com doesn't have any formal editorial position for or against boys -- its mantra seems to be contrarian more than anything else. But in the past few weeks and months this well-known instinct has led them down some paths where just a little bit of classroom experience (and, egads, a male perspective) would prove worthwhile.

Last winter, it was Ann Hulbert's skeptical but unconvincing attempt to debunk the boys crisis: Will Boys Be Boys?. She seemed to think not. This week it's Meghan O'Rourke's piece on single-sex education (Is single-sex education all it's cracked up to be?), which makes all sorts of good points but won't convince anyone who's ever taught that it wouldn't at times and in the right hands be helpful to have the boys and girls in different classrooms.

For the other side of this argument, I'll refer you to an Equire story from this past summer (The Problem with Boys) and Richard Whitmire's piece in The New Republic (Boy Trouble).


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