Rumsfeld And Vander Ark Resignations: Similar Reasons, Similar Revelations

There've been two big resignations over the past week and change -- well, one really big one (Defense Secretary Rumsfeld) and one slightly less big one (Gates Foundation guru Tom Vander Ark) -- both of whom had perhaps "stayed the course" just a little too long.

But that's not the only similarity. The news of both resignations were both first revealed to the public by upstart blogs. In the case of the Rumsfeld resignation, Comedy Central actually broke the story (Comedy Central blog predicts Rumsfeld resignation) by minutes.

In the case of Vander Ark, it was this post (How Soon Until Gates Guru Goes?) that beat everyone by a mile, surprised many insiders-- including some in the Gates Foundation itself -- and may have forced the foundation to make the formal announcement earlier than planned.


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