No One Knows Anything, Says AFT Michele

If you're wondering why things are so slow online today, it's probably because everyone who's everyone is schmoozing at the AEI event on NCLB, or some other event on NCLB. It seems like there are two of these a week right now. Thankfully, AFT Michele is liveblogging the proceedings -- making appropriate fun of the general state of non-knowledge and the predominance of white men on the panels.

In her first post, she praises Mike Petrilli for calling for more "humility" in the next reauthorization (but fails to note the ridiculousness of having Petrilli and Finn, both from the same organization, appear on the same panel). She sums up the second panel (again all white men) as follows: "Parents aren't accessing public school choice or supplemental services, but we don't really know why. Districts are choosing the "soft" options for schools in restructuring." Hilarious. It's almost a haiku. The most recent update is called Ooh, a woman!.


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