Morning Round-up November 6, 2006

Stop the presses: School newspapers moving online eSchool News
In lieu of the costs of printing the high school newspapers, the money is used for additional training in journalism skills.

Nursing a career WaPo
Prince George's County high schools have "career courses" that students can take beyond their diploma, more formally known as "vocational education."

School bus injuries send 17,000 kids to ERs each year
The research, involving nonfatal injuries treated in emergency rooms, is based on 2001-2003 data from a surveillance system operated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Tag, you're out! LAT
As school administrators wrestle with the deeply controversial issues of educating America's youth — evolution versus creationism, metal detectors on campus, standardized testing — one topic has really put them in the public hot seat: the schoolyard game of tag.


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