Morning Round-up November 27, 2006

Affirmative action era is over, longtime foe says LAT
Buoyed by the victory this month of the Michigan ballot measure banning racial preferences in public education and hiring, the former University of California regent Ward Connerly is ready to take his crusade to the rest of the nation.

Home Schoolers Content to Take Children's Lead
Parents are “unschooling” their children, a philosophy that is broadly defined by its rejection of the basic foundations of conventional education, including not only the schoolhouse but also classes, curriculums and textbooks.

School makeovers, fueled by the middle class
Boston Globe
Savvy, often well-connected, middle - class parents are joining forces and adopting undesirable schools, infusing them with new life, resources, and expansive extracurricular offerings.

After Class, The Parent Becomes The Pupil
A growing number of Washington area schools are adding math or reading nights or taking other steps to introduce parents to the latest teaching strategies.

Schools are top scorers, but have jammed classes
If you're looking for a high-scoring Chicago public school, be prepared to accept larger class sizes in the early grades, just when some experts say smaller classes count the most.


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