Morning Round-Up November 17, 2006

SAT Monitors Napped, Ignored Rules, Teens Say Washington Post
They started the SAT that Saturday morning more than an hour late, not helpful for a college-entrance test many consider an ordeal under the best circumstances. But the situation worsened for eight students with learning disabilities in one second-floor testing room at Woodrow Wilson Senior High.

For 'Hoop Dreams' scholars, quitting is the only unavailable option CSM
One woman's work has helped more than 800 inner-city youths better themselves through mentoring, tutoring, and scholarships.

School Administrators Fight Spending Initiatives NPR
Supporters of a voter initiative on the ballot in several states say they know how to boost education funding without borrowing money or raising taxes. They say the answer is to mandate that at least 65 percent of all education funding goes to the classroom. State educators have been fighting the proposals.

2-year colleges low on transfers SJ Mercury
Most of California's 2.5 million community college students will neither earn associate's degrees nor transfer to four-year schools, according to a study released this week.

Cop uses stun gun on student who won't show ID CNN.com
A UCLA police officer shocked a student with a stun gun at a campus library after he refused repeated requests to show student identification and wouldn't leave, police said.


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