Morning Round-up November 1, 2006

For Hispanic Parents, Lessons on Helping With the Homework NYT
Parental involvement is a recommended cure for high dropout rates, poor test scores and almost everything else that ails schoolchildren. But for immigrant parents, helping their children absorb lessons in an inscrutable language in a strange country has always been a distinctive challenge.

GAO Opinion Renews Debate on Abstinence-Only Programs Ed Week
Recipients of federal grants to promote abstinence-until-marriage sex education must include “medically accurate” information about condoms or risk violating a federal law.

Grading a School's Grades NYT
Mr. Hartranft created an analytical method he calls the g.p.a. plot; it uses national data on grade-point averages and SAT scores to compare national grading norms with those at the local high school.


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