Let's Play The "Who's Going Where?" Game

It's not just elected officials who are getting (or thinking about) new assignments and possibilities based on the midterm elections. The elections create lots of tempting job opportunities for staffers (think education LA for Obama), and also starts the clock ticking on the wind-down of the Bush administration.

So who's going where? I have absolutely no idea. But I do have some guesses (and welcome yours):

For example, it's not a big stretch to guess that Alex Nock (left), the former Miller staffer who's been running the Aspen Institute's NCLB Commission (whose final report is supposed to come out in February) might well be getting calls from House Democrats eager to have him return to the Hill and work on the reauthorization, even though the Commission is apparently not closing up shop right away.

Speaking of commission staff, there's also a bunch of folks like Cheryl Oldham and Kristen Vetri from the Spellings Commission-- will they return to the USDE or find something else to do? They, like Spellings Chief of Staff David Dunn (right) have to be thinking about where to head next or how to burrow (convert from a political to civil service position at the Department).

Then there are the bunch of folks who have done a lot of thinking and writing about education but haven't yet been through the federal process themselves. Would research/ think tank/ advocacy folks like Kevin Carey (left), Sara Mead, Ross Wiener (right), Rick Hess, or Craig Jerald want to get some legislative work under their belts and affect the reauthorization directly? I wouldn't say it's likely, but I can imagine it happening (and that they'd be good at it).

There are also some folks who are less likely to be going anywhere, it seems. For example, Mike Dannenberg has done two tours on the Hill and is building his empire at New America. Danica Petroshius did a long stint in the Kennedy office and is now apparently working at Kris Kurtenbach's strategy shop. Vic Klatt just got back to the Hill less than a year ago, so he seems likely to stay. Andy Rotherham at Ed Sector is still building up his organization and might be waiting to pick a winner for 2008. Carmel, JD, and Roberto all seem set in Kennedy's office -- but again, what do I know?

Maybe you know more or have an even better idea. If so, feel free to send me an email (AlexanderRusso@gmail.com) or put something in the comments section. Yes, you can send something to me or post something anonymously. Just make sure it's not knowingly false or malicious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard that a couple people left enzi's education shop recently. beth Buehlmann is still there, though.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think steve robinson is going to stick around in obama's office

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not everyone wants to work on the hill, alexander

1:10 PM  

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