Kozol-Orfield-FairTest Ordered To Disband

I guess the liberal power nexus in Cambridge had grown too strong for its own good, between FairTest, the Kozol folks, and Orfield's Civil Rights Project, forcing the trio to disband ( Harvard civil rights group headed to LA). Rumor has it that Kozol's moving to Iowa next. (Joke.)

On a more serious note, there was also some similar moving about between NYU and the Annenberg Institute. I forget the details, but I think it involved Norm Fruchter leaving NYU for Annenberg or something like that. But, as per below, I could be mis-remembering.

UPDATE: The NYT's Sam Dillon tells his version of the story here, focusing on Harvard's indifference to the project and longstanding problems on the civil rights front. However, Dillon ignores the fact that some including USAT's Richard Whitmire have questioned the quality of the project's work and/or Orfield's attacks on NCLB.

UPDATE 2: Annenberg's Bob Rothmen helpfully clears up the story of what happened with Norm Fruchter and Annenberg: "The Community Involvement Program, which Norm directs, had been part of the Institute for Education and Social Policy at NYU. Norm had also directed IESP, but he stepped down from that post and when the new director was appointed, CIP and Annenberg began discussions about incorporating them." According to Rothman, the 15-member CIP program is now part of Annenberg (not just a separate center), but still based in New York. "By the way, this merger did not involve a marriage."


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