How Soon Until Gates Guru Goes?

There have been hints and clues all over the place in the past few months that the Gates Foundation's founding education czar Tom Vander Ark is on his way out -- including the public "mea culpas" about the foundations' original "small-schools-or-bust" reform strategy, the influx of new money and staff accompanying the Buffett money, and Vander Ark's name on the finalist list for the LA superintendent job.

But the rumor mills are running on high right now that he's out, maybe as soon as this week. No word on who would replace him, or where he's going. No confirmation from anyone at Gates yet, either.

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Blogger Instructivist said...

The guru is totally committed to progressive/constructivist ed idiocy and is a joke. But I doubt the Gates folks will wise up. Most likely it will be more of the same. I nice way to piss away money. But I gess it doesn't matter if you have an endless supply of it.

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