Grassroots & Lawsuits: Renewed Efforts To Fight NCLB

There are at least a couple of renewed efforts to halt NCLB going on, even as the Democrats take over Congress and the law is almost (well, not for a while) on the way to being reauthorized.

Last week, for example, the Nashville Tennessean reported about Susan Ohanian's efforts mount a "whirlwind lobbying effort" to halt the law in its tracks (NCLB critic a hit with teachers).

Just today, the AP reports that the NEA and the Pontiac et al districts are appealing the dismissal of their unfunded mandate suit (Schools, teachers fight NCLB in court).

You gotta admire these folks for there persistence, if not their pragmatism. They win my Paul Wellstone Award for idealistic ineffectiveness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about your low fucking blow. Paul Wellstone is dead, geez.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

how about the Kozol/Orfield/Rothstein award? they're all still alive, right?

10:13 PM  

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