Eduwonk Sets A Record: 21 Links In Single Post Without Really Saying Much

Sometimes I just like to sit back and count how many links there are in Eduwonk's posts, but I never think I've had to count so high as in today's link-happy election analysis (Eduwonk.com), which tries to cover all the bases without really say anything new or that you couldn't already figure out on your own. (Come to think of it, neither does mine, below.) Twenty-one links, including to such obvious things as Ted Kennedy's web page, and six links to previous Eduwonk posts. He must think we're idiots. In any case, it's got to be a record.

UPDATE: Andy and I agree that I need help for whatever's afflicting me but probably disagree about the cure. Meanwhile, I realized that there's one just amazingly, blindingly mistaken assertion in Andy's post: "While I do think this election mattered a lot overall, and I'm pleased with the outcome, I don't think it means very much on the education issue because these days education politics pretty much transcend party lines." This may happen someday, but for now it's just wishful thinking based on a handful of instances. Andy can say it's so, and want it to be so, but it ain't.


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