The Achievement Gap & NCLB

There are three important things worth noting in Sam Dillon's take on the achievement gap. First off, Dillon focuses rightly on student achievement, which is what most of us care about, rather than school ratings, which are usually used as a proxy but are of narrower concern. Second, Dillon restrains himself from blaming the existence and persistence of the achievement gap on NCLB, as many do (and will). To be sure, NCLB has been no miracle maker. But it remains to be seen whether this is due to failings in the law, flawed implementation by the state, or intrinsic limits on school- based reform. Last but not least, the piece reads to me at least as remarkably balanced -- noting the existence of schools that have closed the achievement gap along with the difficulties that NCLB creates for Democratic lawmakers. Or maybe I just need a second cup of coffee.

Link: Schools Slow in Closing Gaps Between Races


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