What You Missed At AFT Forum: Food, Agreement, Long-Winded Questions

Last Tuesday, AFT began its series of policy forums with a discussion of an AFT-published paper by Paul Barton, "Failing" or "Succeeding" Schools: How Can We Tell? The PDF can be found here. At first I was impressed - the topic is an important one, there was food and drink, and the room was nice and full. As Fordham, New America, and EdSector can tell you, sometimes it's hard to fill a room.

Anyway, Barton spoke about his paper followed by comments by the panelists: Andy Rotherham, Raul Gonzalez and AFT's own Joan Baratz Snowden was able to comment in Jack Jennings absence (Jennings had a personal matter to attend to). But there wasn't much disagreement among them. And many of the questioners rambled on.

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