Morning Round-up October 26, 2006

L.A. mayor, next schools chief vow to put students before politics LAT
In their first appearance after the contentious selection process, David Brewer and Villaraigosa say they will put L.A.'s students before politics.

Scientists Endorse Candidate Over Teaching of Evolution
They hope Mr. Sawyer, a Democrat, will oust Deborah Owens Fink, a leading advocate of curriculum standards that encourage students to challenge the theory of evolution.

Allen, Webb Stake Out Positions on 'No Child'
Virginia Sen. George Allen and challenger James Webb each say they support the goals of No Child Left Behind but quarrel with how the federal law has played out.

Ohio charter schools constitutional
A divided Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that publicly funded, privately operated charters schools are constitutional.

Students, officials locking horns over blogs
But school districts now are reaching into students' home computers, severely punishing and even expelling students for what they write on those sites from home.


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