Morning Round-up October 2, 2006

Education's Moving Target Washington Post
Common sense and conservatism, which are usually similar, said that the No Child Left Behind law, which vastly expanded the federal government's supervision of education from kindergarten through 12th grade, was problematic for two reasons: (via EdNews)

Next L.A. Schools Chief Gets New Powers Too LAT
The new superintendent won't need anyone's permission to hire senior staff, bring on consultants and sign big-money contracts for everything from buying plastic utensils to buiding schools -- also be much more difficult to fire.

Shootings put school safety back in spotlight CNN
A bearded drifter walks into a Colorado school and fatally shoots a student before taking his own life. Wisconsin authorities charge three boys with plotting a bomb attack on their high school and, two weeks later, a student in a rural school allegedly shoots his principal. A gunman bursts into a Vermont elementary school looking for his ex-girlfriend and guns down a teacher.


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