The "Village People" Education Carnival

Hosted this week by Get on the Bus -- The "Village People" Education Carnival sets up such characters as The Cop (Journalists), The Construction Workers (Teachers), The Sailor (Parents), The Native American (Homeschoolers), The Cowboy (interest groups, consultants, publishers), and The Biker (Personal Finance Gurus). I could have guessed Alexander falls into "The Cop" category along with many others, for example:

"Former MSMer Joanne Jacobs cites a Boston Globe column that exposes textbook companies that use fake handicapped kids and pass off hispanics as Native Americans in photos. Textbook Evaluator read the same story and has an idea — how about taking pictures out of textbooks altogether?"

Next week, submit you entries to Andy Pass -- E-mail your entries to him by 5 p.m. (Eastern) next Tuesday at “ap AT Pass-Ed.com” or use this handy submission form.

And as always feel free to view the Carnival's archives!


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