Spellings Spouts NCLB Soap Bubbles

Not surprisingly, the edusphere went pretty crazy last week when Secty Spellings decided to liven up an otherwise deadly-dull pre-holiday week by proclaiming NCLB was practically perfect: "I like to talk about No Child Left Behind as Ivory soap. It's 99.9 percent pure," she is reported as having said.

In response, the Education Wonks want to see Secty Spellings try to persuade students to prepare for the standarized tests that she is such a big fan of (NCLB Ballyhoo!!). Meanwhile, edspresso doesn't think that Secy Spellings believes what she said about NCLB (NCLB needs no changes?). The folks over at the NSBA equate NCLB being as 99.9% pure as the situation in Iraq is 99.9% pure (Soap spin). And even Right On The Left, a big supporter of testing, NCLB and Spellings said she made it hard for him to be supportive with her comment (US Education Secretary on NCLB).


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