NCLB As A Campaign Issue? Yes.

The Hill reports that, surprise, surprise, NCLB is actually an issue in some Congressional races (No Child Left Behind stirs Conn. campaigns). "Diane Farrell, the Democratic former town selectwoman mounting a strong challenge to Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), has ranked No Child Left Behind alongside the Iraq war among issues where Shays, an avowed centrist, aligned himself with the Bush White House." Of course, it's not a widespread theme in most races, and many incumbents have complicated records on voting for it and its funding, but it's nice to hear that it's on the radar in at least some places.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, cronyism and politics undermine our children’s education as in the case with NCLB and Reading First. It’s time that the collective leadership of the House and Senate investigate WHAT happened and HOW it happened in the USDE with Reading First. What is Margaret Spelling’s role in the scandal?

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