Morning Round-up September 5, 2006

National School Testing Urged WaPo
With the defintion of proficiency -- what it means for a student to perform at grade level -- varying from coast to coast, is it time for national testing?

Klein Halts Plan to Make Schools Take Unassigned Teachers
Instead of creating unneeded jobs for over 44 unassigned principals, Mr. Klein said yesterday that it was more important for principals to choose their own staff.

New governor to face test on student achievement Boston Globe
The new governor will inherit a public school system that appears to have hit a plateau and will have to cut through partisan bickering to trigger new reforms.

Chicago Principal Loses Battle on Overcrowding WaPo
A controversy has developed as a Chicago Public Schools Prinicipal delcared enrollment closed at his high school; he told parents, "because I would not compromise your children's educations."

The high price of easy schoolwork
Two parents moved from their dream home in Montana to Reno to enroll their daughter in a school she could learn at her speed -- much faster than her classmates in Montana.


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