Facebook Hates NCLB

Don't be mistaken, those crazy kids and their social networking sites aren't just interested in music and fashion. They're pretty ferocious about their politics, too. And if the numbers on Facebook.com (predominantly college students) are any indication, they don't like NCLB very much.

The largest NCLB issue group on Facebook is called No Child Left Behind, should be left behind and has 13,000+ members. The next largest group about NCLB is called Abolish NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and has 3,000+ members. The only groups the support NCLB have a total of 7 members, Save No Child Left Behind and I support the "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" ACT. Check it out -- registration required.

UPDATE:I contacted the Facebook member who started the No Child Left Behind, should be left behind group, asking her why she started it.When election groups were introduced on Facebook she said there weren't any groups she particularly felt strongly towards so she started her own.As a first year teacher at a school that is working to avoid the government taking it over. She says she isn't surprised the group has grown so large -- because she feels most educators are aware of NCLB's flaws. She also notes that education is an issue that determines her vote in every election and thinks there isn't enough debate about educational issues.


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