Blog-Off Today At 12:15

In just a few minutes, thanks to the ambitious folks at the National Alliance For Public Charter Schools, you can "watch" me, Joe Williams, and Andy Rotherham have it out for about 45 minutes over the beginning of the school year, what's next for charters and school reform in general, and (if we're lucky) the meaning of life (Virtual Back to School Day).

Check it out, post some questions if you feel like it, and see who's still on his best behavior and who's already showing his trouble-making tendencies. These guys are fast and young and probably type faster than I do, so remember to root for the underdog.

UPDATE: We just finished up, and that was more like speed dating than regular blogging. Andy, Joe, and I were all typing madly, not necessarily in direct response to what the other guy was saying. We all said everyone's questions were "great." No one was very brief or particularly funny. But in and amongst all that there were some decent points made (by others) about why charters are struggling still, how little charter-district school interaction there often is, and where chartering might go.


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