The Week In Review August 1-7

EdWeek's "High Stakes" Mistake
Why is EdWeek calling state tests "high stakes"?

PLUS: The EdWeek Pricing "Mystery"

Small Schools Crunched On Space And Test Scores
Tight quarters in New York, and low scores in Chicago.

Jicama In The 'Hood
Is healthy food for kids do-able, or just distracting?

The Carnival Of Education -- Week 78
The Ferris Wheel Edition

"Use The Wheel," Microsoft Tells Philly
An easily mocked hiring tool makes "dispositions" seem complex.

Privates Vs. Publics: Here We Go Again
Paul Peterson checks the NCES data.

Touting Mayoral Control
Bloomberg and Daley pitch control in LA.

Consolation For Replicators
Even the most successful brand names don't always succeed.


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