Too Hot To Blog

It's too hot to blog, but here are some of the articles I'd blog about if could:

Teacher transfers win board support Charlotte Observer
A majority of the school board pledged Saturday to support Charlotte-Mecklenburg Superintendent Peter Gorman if he decides to reorganize struggling schools and move in stronger teachers.

Schools embrace outsourcing: Detroit Free Press
Cash-strapped school districts across Michigan are increasingly turning to private companies to manage food, custodial and bus services. The move can save money -- and in some cases allow districts to put more resources into their main mission of educating kids. But it can also bring controversy.

Are You a Toxic Parent? Washington Post
Few parents realize until they are deep into the battle to keep their kids safe that the enemy is often other parents.

Wisconsin schools find corporate sponsors USAT
A growing number of cash-strapped cities and schools are selling naming rights to parks, gyms, locker rooms and even the principal's office.


Blogger Margaret Paynich said...

Its is too Hot to Blog apparently, Not too many other people are blogging either :)

4:08 PM  
Anonymous TheBizofKnowledge said...

Thanks for posting these links. I was particularly interested in the USA Today article about Wisconsin schools selling naming rights. I personally think it's a big mistake for high schools to get into selling naming rights... a school that approves the "wrong" sponsor could get into a bunch of hot water.

7:26 PM  

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