Morning Round-up August 29, 2006

Mayor Flexes Muscle With School Board LAT
With it looking almost certain that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will get passage of his bill, he warned school board members that he will fire any superintendent the school board elects without his approval.

Help for the Child Who Says No to School NYT
Common symptoms of school refusal behavior may include aggressive behavior, refusal to get up or get ready for school, running away from school or home, or having temper tantrums and crying. It can actually be very harmful for the child if appropriate help is not given.

Will more students flee Detroit? Detriot News (via educationnews.org)
With a decline of 9,300 students as the school year began, Detroit Public Schools are worried to loose more students and the public money those students bring if parents send their children elsewhere due to the teacher strike.


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