The Carnival Of Education -- Week 78: Ferris Wheel Edition

Ever since I found out about the Carnival, I had images of a Ferris wheel whenever I thought about it. And since Alexander is in Chicago, home of one of the most famous Ferris wheels in the world, it seems appropriate.

So, welcome to the 78th Carnival of Education! Feel free to check out a history of this historic Ferris wheel. AND...there's even a Kid-friendly history here.

Please help spread the word about the Carnival of Education by linking to the Carnival or one of the archives. We have truly enjoyed hosting the Carnival and if you are interested in hosting the Carnival of Education, feel free to contact The Education Wonks.

Next week's Carnival of Education will be hosted by the folks at California LiveWire. Submissions can be sent to californialivewire@yahoo.com. The deadline is 5pm PST (7pm CST, 8pm EST) . And, if there's anything wrong with one of the posts, let us know at thisweekineducation at gmail dot com.

Now off to the Carnival!

IDEAS: New, Old, Unusual, Scary!

In honor of last week's Carnival, I'd like to start with Text Savvy and 4 Things I Can't Show Your Kids.

After watching the movie "School of Rock," Get on the Bus posted The "School of Rock" approach to education.

edspresso discusses the different views of education reform parents have when it comes to their own kids.

Homeschooling goes head-to-head with Global Homeschooling from spunky homeschool and My Brain Is Full from Scheiss Weekly.

While on the topic of online schooling, here's Online University Lowdown with Things You Did Not Know About Online Education.

Some Food-for-Thought: Distractions Have Concrete Effect on Learning from Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments -- Leave It To Mamacita To Open A Can Of Worms from Curious Goldie's Suburban Adventures -- The Self-Esteem Movement Crosses the Pond from A Shrewdness of Apes

Teachers and Their Extraordinary Experiences

Brett Pawlowski, guest blogging for edspresso, posts about The Blueberry Story and one of the quickest ways to anger a room ful of teachers.

Take another look at the National Certification with the math teacher from Minnesota.

While sitting on the beaches of Hawaii, La Maestra of California LiveWire (next week's Carnival host) posts Jargon Jungle Week 4: Special Aloha Edition.

International contributions: Teaching in China: Where to go? from Chinadvice and a fellow teacher from me-ander writes about Teacher's woes, all the same.

Extraordindary Experiences: Junior Achievement Chocolate Making Competition from Edpol -- As far as education goes... from this little light of mine -- A Dissenting Letter from a Former Student from Thespis Journal.

Mathematics & Technology

Find out why Moodle Matters Even More from A History Teacher.

Casting Out Nines answers questions a reader asked about the pressure to complete certain college math courses.

One Big Year discusses today's children and computers in The Last Great Tech Generation.

Learn different ways of teaching math and You Can Solve It Yourself If You Do It My Way says Texas Ed.

NCLB News, Politics, & the Media

What does it really mean to be a highly qualified mathematics teacher? EduInsights takes a look with The Highly Qualified Math Teacher.

There is a conversation about Exploiting NCLB With Social Promotion at Education Matters, US!

More on Hawaii, though unfortunately I doubt that guest bloggers Coby Loup and Eric Osberg were sitting on the beach writing this post: Say Aloha to Weighted Student Funding.

Carnival of Education home The Education Wonks are discussing how parents feel about their kids summer vacation -- believe it or not they want it extended!

Diane Weir on Education looks at Massachusetts education executives in Boston, Attelboro, and Westford.

Host Blog, This Week In Education buries the best post of the week on friday night, like a Private School Report we all know.

AFT NCLBlog proclaims Freaky Friday: The Charter School Sequel -- how charter schools fit into the private school vs public school report.

Poor, Starving College Student (that's me!) blogs about the Providence Journal's Julia Steiny's EdWatch: Education policies that bully don't attack root of problems.

D-ED Reckoning is back in action with The Art of Spin and PSSA test scores.

Backpack of things to take home you

"Dr. Andres Alonso is the new head of instruction in New York City Schools. He's had it with tired old excuses. (The kid can't read. The kid fights with classmates. The kid repeatedly assaulted me. The kid's parents tie him to a table and use him as a sex toy.)" Check it out at NYC Educator. Also, The Stossel Primer!

Are you boring? Check out 21 Ways to Be More Creative from christine kane.

The Cheap Chap discusses going Back 2 School on budget -- check it out.

The Daily Grind blogs about the Ten Most Annoying People On Staff

Not really about education but still interesting: A Mystery from Trivium Pursuit -- Adsence Class from Towards Better Life -- Vocabulary...It does matter. from N2Growth Blog

The Reflective Teacher send the best post to end this Carnival with -- Thanks! -- a sentiment that as bloggers I'm sure we all wish to share with our readers.


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You folks are delicious! I can see how much work you put into this week's Carnival.


--Mr. Person

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Whoops! Deadline for next week's Carnival is Tuesday, August 8, at 5:00 PM PDT. :-)

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Great Carnival! (And thanks for including me!)

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Well done! And ready for us early risers, too! Thank you!

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Thanks for reading and your comments, I had fun doing it. Glad to be ready for the early risers!

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Excellent carnival. Thank you.

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Great work--you've put together a dandy!

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Fantastic Job!

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Congratulations on a job well done!

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Thoroughly enjoyed it! Sending my readers your way.


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