"Vanity Sizing" Our Schools

"Vanity sizing" is when clothing makers slap a size 2 label on a garment that's much more like a 6, according to this NY Daily News story (Stop the insanity!). It makes the customer feel better. Sounds like what states are doing to make their schools appear better, doesn't it?


Blogger Thomas said...

The British Standards Institute has come up with a solution.
BS-EN 13402, conceived in 1996, published in 2001, originally due for release in 2004, now due late 2006, is a clothing size label standard calling for actual measurements in centimeters. This will ensure intelligibility worldwide. This standard also calls for a pictogram, further increasing intelligibility.
As 95% of the world's population uses metric, and there is a multitude of languages, this is the best solution.

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