Pitching To Bloggers, Good Or Bad?

Ever since I started my blog, Poor, Starving, College Student, I have been introduced the to realm of the media pitching to bloggers. A good example was one about a TNT movie coming out in August called "The Ron Clark Story," a movie about Ron Clark and how he has committed his life to education.

I didn't mind getting the pitch, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about getting tons of them, especially if they were off topic or not useful. Learning about new things is great, but PR pitches are the bane of many reporters' lives, I hear. If you're looking for a really horrible pitch to the blog by a company to promote a product, check out "Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Work in the Blogsphere."I first noticed it reading Andrew Pass's new blog The Current Events in Education's post Is Blogging Marketing? What do you think?


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