The NEA Has A Hottie -- How About You?

No, she's not one of those sex-crazed teachers who seem to be assaulting boys left and right of late. She's Staci Maiers, an NEA congressional liaison, who is (far as I could tell) the only education-related person named to The Hill's annual 50 Hill Hotties (or whatever they call it). There's also a foul-mouthed version The DCeiver here (with thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for pointing it out).

Tauscher LA Jamie McInerney (below) has nothing to do with education, I don't think -- he's just here for equal time.

To all of you who keep asking if I'm going to do Hot For Education again this year,
I still haven't decided yet. It was popular, but embarassing. Even I have standards (I think).

Still, feel free to send your nominations (and pics if you have them) to me at AlexanderRusso @ gmail.com. A new crop of folks to embarrass might be fun -- from the Hill, the groups, the think tanks, or, hey, even the AFT. Who are the education hotties in your office?


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