Morning Round-up July 6, 2006

In search of stability Boston Globe
Finding a new chief for the Boston publis schools should be easy. Everyone concerned had plenty of time in aniticipation of Thomas Payzant's retirement to plan an orderly succession. Why, then, have things descended into such chaos?

Hooked Columbus Dispatch
The world's first detox clinic for video game addicts opened this month in Amsterdam, Netherlands. "Video-game addiction among young persons is a clear problem today..."

Glendale High Students to Represent U.S. at Summit LA Times
The educational adventure they set out on together about five months ago has won them a ticket to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they will represent the United States in a 12-day student forum at this year's G-8 summit July 15-17.

With Success on Tests, Schools Raise Goals Washington Post
As student profiviency on Maryland's statewide test nears 100 percent at dozens of high-performing elementary schools in the Washington suburbs, some schools are looking at a new, more ambitious goal: raising the share of students who are more than proficient.


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