Morning Round-up July 19, 2006

Public vs. Private Schools NYT editorial
A growing body of work has shown that the quality of education offered to students varies widely within all school categories. The public, private, charter and religious realms all contain schools that range from good to not so good to downright horrendous.

Back-to-School Spending Is Expected to Increase 19%
LA Times
The average family will shell out more for new clothing, eletronics and dormitory supplies for the coming school season than in 2005, even as higher energy prices have crimped spending in other areas according to a retail survey released Tuesday.

Muzzling Sex Education on Anything but Abstinence
The demise of the bill, make plenty of sense when undestood in a national context. This piece of legislation provided just one more front in a much larger political, cultural and scientific battle between sex education that teaches abstinence and those that teach concetraception also.


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