Morning Round-up July 17, 2004

An extended family for black students Boston Globe
The results in student achievement that followed won national plaudits and are drawing interest from school districts in San Diego and San Francisco, and as far away as Little Rock, Ark.

Charter School Gets Home at Education Headquarters
Ross Global Academy, a charter school in New York City, will have a new home in ground floor of the Tweed Courthouse that houses the Education Department.

Board Might Be Stripped of Some Roles Washington Post
An U.S. Senate committee has approved legislation that would require the D.C. school board to relinquish its state-level functions, including its handling of millions for low performing schools.

A Costly Lesson in Supply and Demand LA Times
From boosting training programs at universities and community colleges to creating incentives to recruit and retain techers, education officials and industry leaders hope teachers will help students catch up before it is too late.


Blogger NYC Educator said...

It's unconscionable that the Ross should get a state of the art facility while the 4200 kids in my school make their way in a building designed for 1800.

Too bad their parents aren't billionaires.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Margaret Paynich said...

Yes I agree...what do we do about it?

2:30 PM  

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