Kennedy Staffer JD LaRock

With a name like, JD LaRock, it sounds like this guy should probably be a pro wrestler or a porn star, but in fact he's one of the relatively new faces on the Kennedy education committee staff.

Truth be told, I never heard of him until I saw his name in a recent InsideHigherEd.com story (A Platform to Promote Teacher Ed). Apparently he does higher ed and student lending stuff. Not sure how long he's been there. However, various internet sources says he's highly degreed (or at least ABD) and did stints for the US Conference of Mayors, Rudy Crew, and the League of Cities.

All in all, it's very impressive. And, if you want to make it seem like you know him really well (this is Washington, after all), try calling him by his real name, "Jean-Daniel."

UPDATE: Over at The Chalkboard, Joe Williams reminisces fondly about JD's many jobs in NYC, inlcuding a stint as a one-man news crew who carried his mike and camera and did interviews, too.


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